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Abrams Camp Consulting is committed to improving your camp or retreat business by honing your focus and mission, assessing your property and building needs, decreasing risk and liability, modernizing your staff hiring and training, creating and writing good policies for sexual harassment and discrimination practices, and increasing profitability and return rates.


Our decades of experience will help you with every facet of your multi-layered business.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how Abrams Camp Consulting can work for you.

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How can we help you?

At Abrams Camp Consulting we specialize in facility operations, staffing, and everything in between. We have successfully managed every part of camp operations for decades, and can now help you do the same. 

Our consulting services include:


Hiring and retaining quality staff is quite possibly the single most important part to running a successful camp. Finding great or even competent staff has become an increasingly more difficult challenge (How many articles have you read on Millenials?). Once hired, it is then vital to train each individual staff member to understand their role, and ultimately care more about the camp and the campers than themselves.

Once you hire your Staff, training and education is ESSENTIAL!!  You need to create a great and safe culture, which starts with well written policies on sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation.  From your Staff Guidebook to pre-camp training and then developing a reporting and feedback system which allows for an ongoing camp education, we can assist you with this vital part of camp management.


Camper/Staff safety is paramount and constantly evolving. We can help with the issues that your camp/center is facing. Every facility has its unique set up and features, but regardless camper and staff safety is everyone's priority. Matt's unique legal knowledge takes risk assessment further than you ever considered as he incorporates insurance and legal considerations into a full analysis and assessment of your camp.



Creating a successful communication plan and creating a standard your parents will abide by and appreciate may make all the difference in meeting expectations. Key considerations include email and phone communications as well as photographs and a year round social media presence. Camps have become more dependent on technology and social media to provide a more intimate connection to their campers, parents and staff. We can assist you with improving each facet of your communication plan, and ensure you meet the ever increasing expectations of your customers.


From review of facilities and operations management to helping you develop a CapEx strategy as you look into your facility's future, Abrams Camp Consulting will help you prepare your camp for the present and future. A long term maintenance plan that focuses on the upkeep and improvement of camp facilities is important to retain customers and attract new ones.  

Food Service - Campers and parents have high expectations for fresh and healthy food and the ability to meet the needs of dietary restrictions and allergies. Are you prepared for the demands of your daily operations?

Transportation - Getting campers and staff from place to place is important. Hiring and/or training the right transport staff and ensuring that safe driving and procedures is carried out must happen every day.  

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Our Office is located in Chicago, Illinois but we can help you anywhere.

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