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Matt and Karen Abrams - Directors

Communication, Transparency and Knowledge are the keys to creating a successful camp environment.

Matt Abrams - Matt has been involved in overnight camping since 1986 where he started as a camper. He later spent 8 years as a counselor holding positions such as head counselor and program director. Matt took a break from camping as he dedicated himself to the practice of law in Illinois. His concentration in personal injury and worker's compensation law on both the plaintiff and defense side gives him a unique knowledge base and perspective with the business side of camping.

In 2008, Matt and Karen took over as the full-time Directors of a boys residential camp where they were solely responsible for every facet of managing and running the camp. They ran a very successful camp as co-Directors for 10 years, learning  and improving upon every facet of the camp from the financial to capital investments on the business end, as well as staffing, recruiting and all camp operations. It was during this time, Matt began consulting with camps and proved invaluable to assisting other camps in the areas of staffing, risk assessment and camp management.

Karen Abrams - Karen started her camp career 1994 as a counselor at a girls overnight camp. She spent 15 summers as a counselor, head counselor and full-time assistant director during which time she was fully involved in every aspect of running a camp. During this time, she was also a pre-school teacher for a number of years.

She moved over with Matt to co-direct the boys camp through the summer of 2016.  Karen knows all parts of camp, but is particularly knowledgeable regarding staff training, parent communication, and camper wellness (Social Emotional health). 

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