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Sexual Harassment and Summer Staff Training

Recently I spoke at the Mid States Camp Conference on the topic of sexual harassment in the camp environment. Right now, other than the daily Donald Trump tweet, firing or investigation update, sexual harassment in the work place is easily the most hot button issue of our time. My presentation focused on preparing as an Owner/Director or supervisor for the upcoming summer and what you need to consider to get your staff ready.

The take aways from my presentation including reviewing your staff manual to include specific written guidelines or rules for making harassment claims, how to make it easy for your staff to make a claim. We discussed some ideas for staff training in this new environment. We also delved into topics like the appropriate and best legal practices for handling a claim, including proper investigation, taking statements, properly documenting claims and how to conclude a claim with the appropriate disciplinary action, if any.

Interestingly, during our session, we spent a lot of time considering your camp's culture in the prevalance of harassment claims. Undoubtedly one of the take aways from the increased media attention on harassment is that we must all understand that how you run your camp is a huge determining factor in whether or not your camp will suffer from having claims made now or in the future.

Finally, we broached the topic of the impact of public opinion, your staff and your customers on the handling and outcome of a harassment claim.

If your camp has not considered its sexual harassment policies and general abuse policies in light of the current highly charged atmosphere, you are in need of doing so immediately. Your camp also must take a look at its staff training in these areas.

If you need help reviewing your policies or setting up your staff training, Abrams Camp Consulting is just a phone call away. Contact us today!!

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